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1031 Exchanges & Triple Nets
1031 Exchanges from Start to Finish & Premium Triple Net Opportunities

At Berzack Investment Property Advisors, our professionals are extremely well-versed in these specialized transactions, having spearheaded the 1031 Exchange process for scores of investors as well as having sold Triple Net properties in over 25 states.

1031 Exchanges:  We Facilitate the Entire Process

Most other brokers are happy to sell your property, but then leave you completely on your own to handle any exchange.  Berzack Investment Property Advisors is different. We facilitate and coordinate the entire 1031 Exchange process, managing every stage of the transaction from start to finish—from the sale of your property to the process and selection of your upleg property to ultimately closing on your exchange property—and all the countless steps in between.  

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Triple Nets:  Give Up the Management, Keep the Cash Flow

A Triple Net (or NNN) lease presents the ideal investment opportunity. With the tenant responsible for all management, maintenance and expenses (taxes, insurance and utilities), the owner's only "job" is to collect his monthly check. Thus, Triple Net properties afford stable, long-term income (and often higher cash flow!) without the traditional burdens, problems and added costs. Triple Nets are a particularly wise investment for senior owners transitioning from building wealth in their earlier years to maximizing cash flow in their later years. They are also a vital part of smart estate planning, giving your heirs dependable cash flow and equity growth rather than management-intensive properties with endless bills and headaches. Our team's success stories abound of helping countless owners to successfully cash out, execute installment sales and facilitate whole or partial 1031 tax-deferred Exchanges into management-free, higher cash flow Triple Nets. And we deliver premium Triple Net properties that are well-researched and thoroughly vetted. 

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Whether you're fed up with management and ready to transition into Triple Nets, or want to exchange into another property for a better return, our specialists will help you and your family to take maximum advantage of these unique investment opportunities.