• "They are the kings of surmounting obstacles and seeking win-win resolutions." - Tony Mersola | Owner, Mersola Construction
Our Expertise
Veteran Experts in Multifamily, Triple Nets & 1031 Exchanges

With decades of experience, our advisors are true Multifamily experts. Highly skilled in the science of analysis and the art of relationship-building, we've seen it all, heard it all and done it all. And because we are not just agents but also multifamily owners ourselves, we bring an inside understanding and perspective that most brokers simply cannot.  We also maintain particular expertise in 1031 Exchanges and Triple Net investments. In fact, we are one of the few brokers who actually executes the entire exchange process from start to finish, and we've helped countless clients to successfully transfer their assets from management-intensive apartments into management-free, higher cash flow Triple Nets.

What Makes Us Different is Taking the Time to Find Out What Makes YOU Different.

What sets us apart most is our client-centered approach. We ask a lot of questions. We sit back and actually listen. We develop custom strategies around your unique needs. And we provide comprehensive, long-term investment planning for your whole portfolio. From start to finish, our approach is centered around YOU.  It is rare that we have one-time clients; rather, we are known for nurturing close, long-term working relationships and genuine friendships, as evidenced by our long list of glowing testimonials.

Meticulous Coordination. Seamless Transactions. The Highest Ethical Standards.

When it comes to transaction coordination, you'll find no one as meticulous as Berzack Advisors. Employing a highly systematic methodology along with well-honed interpersonal skills for managing the delicate balance of dealing with all parties, we ensure smoother transactions. And in a business where reputation and trust are everything yet often hard to find, we pride ourselves on our absolute integrity and honesty. Our clients know we'd never compromise them or our ethics just to close a deal. On the contrary, we put our clients' interests before our own and seek to foster trusted advisory relationships that last for generations.

The Many Benefits of Working With Us:

•    Price Maximization

•    Wide-Ranging Experience

•    Tireless Work Ethic

•    Ahead-of-the-Curve Market Knowledge

•    Extensive Resources

•    The Widest Exposure

•    Skilled Negotiators

•    Scrupulous Coordination

•    Unusually Seamless Transactions

•    Truly Personalized Service

•    Expert Strategies

•    Proactive Problem-Solving

•    Uncompromising Integrity

•    Long-Term Advisory Services



We Are Multifamily Advisors AND Owners Complete Exchange Facilitation Veterans in High Cash Flow Triple Nets Scrupulous Coordination Impeccable Reputation Customized Strategies




"A rare combination of people skills, high intellect, patience, ethics and a humble nature."
- Bradley E. Kraemer
| Calbek Management

"An uncompromising degree of honesty and transparency in all matters, which is beyond compare."
- Richard Keller