• "We've learned our lesson in choosing the right management company. Berz Properties is top-notch." - Leo Goodwin | Managing Director, Epic Commercial
Property Management
Berz Properties, Inc.

As an added value to our clients, we also operate a distinguished property management company, Berz Properties, Inc., which currently manages multiple Multifamily properties across the San Fernando Valley.

Fed Up of Paying Too Much for Too Little?  We Put Your Property First, Not Our Pocketbooks

Most management companies look out for their pocketbooks first, not their clients' best interests. In fact, many of our clients switched to Berz Properties after wasting years going from management company to management company only to find the same unresponsiveness and corner-cutting. But at Berz Properties, Inc., we are both owners and investors, so we intimately understand and appreciate the needs of the average property owner:  honest, reliable service at an affordable price.

A Higher Standard of Service Without Sacrificing Affordability

For years, we've worked hand-in-hand with property owners to deliver a higher standard of professional, affordable service. That means we develop custom strategies based on your specific needs and goals, and we take a proactive and hands-on approach, identifying and resolving issues before they become problems and personally responding to all concerns immediately. You also benefit from the long-term connections we've nurtured with our vendors, ensuring quality work and lower repair costs. And because finding the best tenants upfront ensures the least problems down the road, we meticulously screen potential lessees and choose only those most qualified.

The Unique Advantage of A Property Manager & Broker In One

As not just property managers but also Multifamily brokers, our expert analysis and extensive resources allow us to often further reduce your expenses and increase your yield without compromising your property or your tenants. And our in-depth knowledge of the rental rates, amenities and distinct demographics of both your local area and the surrounding properties assure we can strongly position your property in the rental marketplace.

Some of the many benefits you'll find when you switch to Berz Properties include:

•    Comprehensive advertising of new vacancies and prompt turnaround on unit preparation
•    Complete screening of applicants to determine the most qualified tenants
Tenant Management
•    24/7 availability and swift, courteous service
•    Cultivation of a good, open rapport with all tenants and immediate, direct handling of all issues
•    Timely rent and late fee collection                             
•    Prompt issuance of monthly statements and collection reports
•    Access to high-quality, low-cost service/maintenance providers
•    Regular property inspections and preventive maintenance
•    Diligent management and follow-through with city inspections, insurance claims, rent control matters, etc.
•    Strict conformity with all city codes to ensure building integrity and tenant safety

If you are interested in learning more about our property management services, please contact us. Let us show you how we can start saving you money and grief today!


Honest, Trustworthy Service Affordable Pricing Prompt, Reliable Response Hands-on & Proactive Preventive Maintenance Quality Tenant Screening Scrupulous Accounting




"We made the switch and took a huge sigh of relief.  They take care of our family's property just like it was theirs."
- Adam Zane
| Danierin Properties

"We've learned our lesson in choosing the right management company. Berz Properties is top-notch."
- Leo Goodwin
Managing Dir.
| Epic Commercial

"With Warren, there's 100% transparency."
- Mark Small | AMG Capital