• "They're totally hands-on and on top of everything. They're the best!" - Howard Tager | Owner, HMG Capital LLC
Syndicated Investments
Berz Equities

With our breadth of experience in the commercial real estate industry and particularly the Multifamily arena, it’s only logical the next step would be property ownership. Berz Equities currently owns and operates approximately one dozen Multifamily properties throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. We purchase between two and four properties annually, and each is open to outside accredited investors. 

Syndicated Investments:  The Ideal Entrée Into Real Estate Ownership

In a syndicated investment, a group of investors pool their collective resources to purchase an investment property. Investments such as these allow someone to invest as little as $25,000 into a property they either could not or choose not to purchase 100% of themselves. It also allows investors to diversify their portfolios with investments in multiple properties.

Highly Selective for Higher Returns and Minimal Issues

Berz Equities is extremely discriminating in the properties we buy, focusing on these key criteria:

•    Long-Term, Consistent Cash Flow
•    Wealth Creation
•    Buying Assets Below Replacement Cost
      o    Conservative Approach - Leverage (30% Down Payment)
      o    Healthy Reserves
      o    Stable Asset/Market Selection
•    Hands-on Management
•    100% Transparency
•    We Make a Significant Investment in Each Property

Personally Invested, Totally Transparent

We make a substantial investment in every property we buy, assuring you that your interests are our interests. Each investment receives the time and TLC it deserves, and we even personally manage all of our properties through our professional management company, Berz Properties, Inc.  What's more, we operate with complete transparency, happy to provide our investors with property access and financial data at any time.

If you are interested in investing in our syndicated deals, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our present investment opportunities and how we can work together to build and preserve your nest-egg.


Above-Market Returns Dependable, Long-Term Cash Flow Conservative Approach Hands-on Management

100% Transparency Personally Invested




"We have so appreciated Warren's impressive returns, and he continues to inspire our confidence with his work ethic, integrity, and expertise!"
- Richard & Betsy Silver
| Silver Trust Investments

"They're totally hands-on and on top of everything. They're the best!"
- Howard Tager
| HMG Capital LLC

"Warren cares about each and every investor like they're family, giving us comfort that our investment will be looked after and there for my kids."
- Gil Charash
Owner | GC Construction, Inc.